Hello, I’m Gary Dumais…

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I grew-up on a Christmas tree farm in Upstate New York as part of a small, hardworking, blue-collar family.  In addition to growing evergreen trees, my father worked as an electrician.  I was also fortunate enough to have a stay-at-home mother (the kind that insisted on baking cupcakes for my entire grade-school class each year for my birthday, even though we had little money).

Of course, my upbringing had a tremendous influence on who I am today.  My father was raised in poverty on a farm in Canada along with a total of eight brothers and sisters.  As a result, he knows the value of hard work, doing things right the first time, and persisting in overcoming obstacles.  As a young adult, my father had the courage and spirit to leave the farm and immigrate to the United States to find work.  Through his example, I learned at an early age that being responsible, committed, and always believing there was a way to solve any problem were keys to success.  At the same time, work on the Christmas tree farm taught me long-term thinking, perseverance, and patience.  Every tree begins as a small seedling.  It needs to be planted carefully and then tended to constantly (e.g., fertilizing, weed removal, pruning and shaping) for nearly ten years before a happy customer cuts it down and takes it away!

I applied the same sense of responsibility, perseverance, work ethic, and long-term thinking that I learned on the tree farm to my education and career.  When I was just a child, my father explained that work was a necessity in life, and that I could pursue higher education and have a choice of what type of work I’d do.  He encouraged me to pursue a career I was truly interested in, something that I would enjoy doing, give me purpose, and make me proud.  After some thoughtful reflection, I realized that there is nothing more interesting than people, and I would most enjoy a career dedicated to understanding and helping people.

With all that in mind, I decided to become a psychologist.  And while the focus of my graduate studies were on becoming a clinical psychologist, I quickly began to apply what I learned to the world of work and helping people in the workplace.  Now I specialize in helping people find jobs and roles that fit their personality, skill-sets, and aptitudes.  I also coach people to increase their effectiveness on the job, become better leaders, and shape their career advancement.  Looking back to my early years growing-up on the tree farm and the influence of my hardworking parents, it seems like my career choice was destined.

Now, with over 20 years of experience, I’m a Business Psychologist and Human Resource consultant at Select Human Resources, a company I founded in Philadelphia in 2008.

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